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The Ripple’s vision

As a digital asset, XRP is a useful trading instrument to reduce spreads and expedite market
thickness. To incentivize early participation of liquidity providers, Ripple will implement
programmatic distribution of XRP to those who use it to offer better spreads on currency trades
and payments. With clear and validated benefits to bring both supply and demand actors to the table, Ripple’s
marketplace is already developing: large banks are joining to improve processing efficiency, and
small to mid-sized banks are joining to leverage third-party liquidity providers for cross-border
payment services. As these network effects build, Ripple and XRP will play a central role in driving
development of the Internet of Value.

Below a short description of Ripple technology according to an academic paper

Ripple is a universal protocol founded in 2012 to power the cheapest and fastest payment system for value
transfer. Ripple’s technology enables users to transfer funds (including fiat currencies, digital currencies and
other forms of value) across national boundaries as seamlessly as sending an email

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