Biography of A Ripple/XRP True Believer


It is with great pleasure that I will start to write regular articles for my favourite news source Ripple News Tech. Their sources of information have been unparalleled and always provide inspiration for me. Before I begin with any articles, I’m submitting a biography on myself pertaining to my interest in Ripple the company and XRP the digital asset.


Early 2013, Andrew had heard about the “dark web” and the TOR Project, this was of interest to him as he was living in China and the Internet was really closed off to the outside world. He found a reliable VPN and started to browse this new and exciting unseen world.

What happened was that he found multiple market places selling things that the “average Joe” wouldn’t ever be able to buy, and all of these market places accepted one thing, and one thing only, Bitcoin. He didn’t even know what Bitcoin was, so he started his research and decided to buy $1,000.00 worth, which at the time, happened to be exactly 10 coins.

Soon after, he became busy with work and lost interest in buying forbidden things on the secret internet and also forgot about the 10 Bitcoins he owned. It was only years later when he was replacing his well-used laptop that he found a folder with a paper wallet on it, containing his Bitcoin. This was in 2016 and his coins were worth almost $20,000 now. Thinking that was just so amazing, he sold them all and started speculating on Crypto Currencies.

He researched each coin he purchased thoroughly, based on the company behind the coin, their intended use, potential future value, and others. He ended up putting much more of his own cash into his portfolio and purchased Ether, Lite Coin, Monero, Dash, Stella, and XRP. Over the course of 2017, the values skyrocketed. It was during this time that the company Ripple really caught his attention.

The part that really stood out about Ripple was that they weren’t trying to stroke the dog the wrong way and go against the system. They were making a product that complimented the existing system and won’t get in the way once regulation comes along. One thing he knew for sure, was that with this entirely new class of asset, the governments of the world would be all over it to try and regulate the market for it. The regulation isn’t fully in place yet, but it has its’ momentum and will be a force that no one can circumvent. So what better asset than XRP.

At this point, he sold his entire portfolio that was vertically diversified across Crypto’s and went all in with XRP. Any financial advisor would say that’s a no no and one should be horizontally diversified across multiple classes of assets, however, he knows that the company Ripple is going to be the one to really disrupt the market and bring change to the world, for the better. Not just for the banks, but for the unbankable, people who are disadvantaged financially, and all in a green environmentally friendly way of working.


He knows of no other digital asset, or crypto currency that can scale like XRP, can move as fast as XRP, and can process transactions as cheaply as XRP. Over the course of the next several articles, he will explain exactly what Ripple the company is and what they’re doing, and how their native digital asset token XRP fits into that scenario. Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: I personally own XRP digital assets and am a long-term investor/holder in the product. I am not a financial advisor and my reports are not intended as any kind of investment or financial advice. They are formed from my own opinions derived from my own research.

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