Covid19 causes 10 deaths in Italy

Latest from Italy on Covid19

According to the “Istituto Superiore della Sanità”, only today Coronavirus caused 3 deaths in Italy. In total 322 infections, 10 victims
The head of Civil Protection Angelo Borrelli provided the bulletin with updated data: 322 infected, 10 positive victims of coronavirus. The three new victims are all over 80.

Briefing on China and Covid19

“A rapidly escalating epidemic, but not a pandemic.” WHO explains the coronavirus epidemic in China “is slowing down”. “A spike in new infections has been reached, so there has been a stabilization and now we see a drop in new cases,” said Bruce Aylward, head of the WHO-China joint mission on Covid-19. “However – he added – we must see if the slowdown will continue” and “we must continue to work quickly to fight the virus to avoid a pandemic”. “China – claims the WHO – has pragmatically tackled a new virus that is very scary and spreads quickly. They have launched drastic measures, never seen before, to try to contain the spread of the virus ». “They have moved extremely rigorously and in an organized way,” said Aylward.

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