Robotic Cars: Advantages & Disadvantages

Self driven cars popularly known as Robot cars move around by virtue of sensing the environment using technology. The sensory information is then processed to navigate pathways for the car to avoid hitting any obstacles, obey traffic road signs as well as maintain a standard speed.

This kind of cars use a digital map that can be regularly updated allowing the vehicle to adapt to situations as well as easily travel through previously unknown territories. cars have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we are going to shade light on both.

Advantages of Robotic Cars

-They cause a less number of accidents compared to human driven cars. Research shows that 93% of car accidents are caused by human errors. Robotic cars have a quicker reaction to emergencies averting any possible accident. In high speeds, robotic cars can handle the situation in a calm manner avoiding errors.

– Robotic cars cause non or less traffic . They eliminate the gap that mostly occur when human drivers pause in traffic to run errands.

-In robotic cars, there is no scenario of distracted drivers. You can freely engage in fun activities like watching a movie, playing vedio games and even sleeping as self driven vehicles handle the situation. Even the blind can drive!

-Robotic cars are programmed in such a way that they can’t break the laws making them way safer than human drivers. This creates a less dangerous environment for bikers , there may be opportunities to create even wider bicycle lanes.

-They save time. Picture this scenario, you have quite a workload to do on your laptop and you’ve to meet the deadline, with an automated car, you can easily seat back and work on it as the vehicle beats traffic for you! Now you’ve saved some time haven’t you?

-They are equipped with high technology features like autonomous braking, self parking as well as sensors that clue the driver to nearby obstacles enabling vehicles to ride closer together causing less traffic.

-They reduce fuel consumption as they are lighter and have few mechanical errors. They can be ran on hydrogen , a gas that is environmental friendly.

-Self Driven vehicles help reduce the fatigue that comes from driving.

Disadvantages of Robot Cars

-Could easily fall victim of cyber security. Robot cars are ran by instructions from a computerized system that can be compromised by hackers.Its software and security system could be breached hence vulnerable to theft.

-They cause the loss of driving related jobs. A research done by Awareness International revealed that more than one million drivers lose their jobs annually due to robotic cars.

-Could be used in terrorist and criminal related activities. Robot cars can easily be loaded with explosives then driven to target destinations without the knowledge of security systems.

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