Tools To Have When Venturing Into Email Marketing

Email marketing is a concept which has been present for long though it has started gaining much traction recently. It is a simple marketing approach which requires you to send messages via email which advertise your brand.

For an effective stint using this marketing strategy, there are a variety of tools at your disposal which you can use. The tools are mostly provided by online marketing sites or downloadable platforms.

Below are some of the tools that you need to have to ensure the product and brand promotion activity is successful.

  1. Email Drip Campaign

Use of email drip campaigns is one way to go when you venture into email advertising. Once you have all the contacts you need to start, you can use the drip messaging service to send a batch of messages at once to several potential clients.

The message is usually prewritten and meets the expectations of the target market. The drip mailing service is effective as it reduces the workload by allowing multiple messages to be delivered at once. Also being cheap, this is a tool that you should consider. has such a tool on its platform promising you speed and accuracy in submitting your mails to the recipients. You can sign up for an account to take advantage of the service.

  1. Email Finder

The driving force behind email marketing is the contacts under your possession. As such you need to have plenty of contacts to back you up when promoting your brand. Getting the contacts may be a daunting task and here is where an email finder comes in handy.

The email finder gets emails on different domains, companies or names depending on how you want to acquire them. The finder tool also helps you in getting the contacts of other important affiliates to your business like influencers and bloggers who may help push your brand.

  1. Verification Tool

To filter out and get rid of obsolete or ghost addresses, you need an email checker to verify and validate email addresses. Some addresses may not be working hence sending a message to the contact is of no use and wastes your time as well as your delivery rate. You also risk getting banned if the rate of undelivered email goes past a certain percentage set by your domain.

A verifying tool such as the one on’s platform can help deal with such an issue and ensure you have legit clients on your mail list.

  1. Technology Checker

To get an edge above your competitor, you may procure the services of a tech-tracker to know of the moves of your competitor. The tracker furnishes you with information such as marketing software and the web framework. With this information, you can make some tweaks to your approach to ensure you keep afloat.


Email marketing is now mainstream and the large number of e-commerce sites coming up is a contributing factor. You can use the highlighted tools to enhance your marketing protocol and ensure you draw enough clients to your business.

To access some of the tools, you can sign up for an account with, which is an email marketing platform.

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