Must-Try Premium Features of a Drone

A drone can be a simple toy to an advanced equipment that can do more than just flying, capturing and taking videos. Leading drone models have premium features that give consumers their value for money. With technology aiming to produce better product features, existing drone models may turn out into collectibles sitting as decors on the wall. And still, they would look cool.

The first ever drones were made way back in the 18th century in Austria for military purposes. More than a century has passed and these unmanned aerial vehicles have been created to serve several purposes including photography or filming for creative media and filmmaking, surveillance for industrial and agricultural purposes, logistics including the transfer of organs for transplant operations and collecting data during disasters or emergency. Some people may think of drones as a glorified toy, but in fact it provides great contributions to both consumers and companies alike.

Today, drone technology has unveiled state-of-the-art features that surpass superior specs that wowed the market in recent years. These improvements make it possible to perform new things and provide upgrades to existing facilities for faster, stronger and more reliable models. Here are several actual features at a premium that you might want to know and consider when buying your first purchase or upgrading to a better one.

Geofencing. Drones are regulated by the federal aviation authority as flying equipment. One of the regulations and should be your unwritten policy is to use a UAV within the allowed perimeters. With geofencing, you can set the limits of the airspace that a drone will navigate, creating a virtual fence beyond which the UAV cannot fly. This relieves you from worrying whether you’ll end up flying your drone to a neighbor’s roof or commercial establishments which may cause you civil penalties or worse consequences.

Sonar technology. Just like robots and machines, drones do not have a mind of its own. When it goes straight to a tree or dives into a body of water, it cannot think or programmed to stop short of an obstacle and avoid an imminent crash.

Now you don’t have to panic anymore because that is changing. There are certain models that use sonar or optical sensing technology that allows drones to detect walls or obstacles in front of them to avert heading into a collision, especially in tight places. Because this feature is still an ongoing development, sonar only works when a drone is flying at a slower pace.

Team Mode. It is difficult to control a flying drone, especially when it’s windy or snowing, and, at the same time, focus yourself in capturing stunning footage. Now, you don’t have to be alone in managing one UAV because companies have upgraded drones to allow two users controlling one UAV simultaneously. Dividing the tasks can give you full attention that is not a luxury when you’re doing it solo, especially if you are trying to do multiple things at once — like steering as well as taking pictures or aiming a camera.

Follow Me. It would be crazy hard to control your drone and take selfie videos at the same time. With a follow me smart flight feature, your drone gets can capture amazing footage while you are in action biking towards a mountain trail, skiing and even surfing. This autonomy allows you to do record high quality stills of your life without the hassle of managing a device or paying someone to do it for you.

Technology has continued to amaze us with the best drones with upgraded and new features that are available in the market. But of course, each of these premium product does not come cheap. So if you decide to check out what you can do with a drone, perform thorough research to find the right fit for your lifestyle and budget. Also, you can browse over reviews from reliable sources like Dronethusiast, and customer ratings and comments in Amazon and other online shops. Never buy anything less than what is expected and you can only gain assurance after doing your homework.

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