Cryptocurrency Trends: Top 3 Greatest Apps in 2019

Your phone is the best place to keep an eye on cryptocurrency updates. It is a perfect way to follow changes in the market. So, how to narrow down the list of hundreds of apps that appear every day? picked the most suitable choices for you and your business.

TabTrader Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on exchanges

The TabTrader is a popular cryptocurrency app for exchanges like Gemini, Coinbase, HitBtc, Bitstamp, Binance, and others. Since its foundation in 2015, TabTrader has earned the trust of 400 000 cryptocurrency owners in 175 countries across the world. This app provides a variety of options for traders, like trade-in market, limit order, take-profit, stop-loss. TabTrader can perform position functions over cryptocurrency exchanges. Every user’s account is managed from the unified interface.

The app sends valuable notifications about the current price changes without using mobile data. The Keys API is kept encrypted on the exchange, which means that the app can’t possibly have access to the funds of users.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Not so many companies could say they spent as much time as Mycelium on the market. It was founded in 2008 and continue to evolve meeting the growing needs of bitcoin audience ever since. Mycelium Wallet is still in trend and Freepps.topspecialists believe it is much more than a mobile wallet for keeping cryptocurrency. It allows us to trade, send, and store bitcoin.

The wallet is free to use with fees for transactions, based on their size. Normally, it ranges from 0.08 mBTC/kb up to 1 mBTC/kb, according to the level of priority. Mycelium supports one cryptocurrency, but you can exchange it from/for regular currency, like dollars. You receive the total control over your private information, which never leaves the app. To provide better security, you may want to use a PIN.

Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi is a free to use, multi-coin cryptocurrency trade app. It was made for people who prefer fast access to their wallets, variety of cryptocurrency, and reliability. You can store almost all cryptocurrency there, from Bitcoin to Etherum. It is still one of the most obvious choices for Android and iOS users with its user-friendly interface and security features, as we notice at

Besides a variety of digital assets, Coinomi has a built-in exchange that helps with trading operations. It offers support of multiple numbers of digital money, easy setup, and extended privacy settings, where everything is controlled by the user. There is a translator of the most-used languages in the world.

Moreover, there is no fee for transactions from Coinomi app. Still, there may be a fee for miners that associated with the currency. The app uses IP anonymization, which makes it one of the best cryptocurrency app iOSusers can pick.

The cryptocurrency attracts more and more audience, despite all the ups and downs of Bitcoin on the market. Traders became demanding to the apps they use to reach the market. Now they need free services, speed, and quality. And that is why, these 3 apps are the most popular choice in 2019.

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