The 4 Best GBA Games Ever Made for PC

Now we have a complicated task. Which games you can play on your PC but they started the life as Game Boy Advance games? Keep in mind that there are around 980 licensed games for GBA so a long list of them was available for Microsoft Windows as well. You can download the GameBoy Advance ROMsof the games mentioned below for your handheld device, or you can find PC versions.

  1. Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer

Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer has been one of the best and the most popular games of all times regardless of the device you had to use in order to play it. The game is based on extreme sports where you will have to complete missions as a surfer. There are no limits in the game and it is very appealing to actual surfers. The best part is the fact Kelly Slaters is available as a character in the game, but you will have to unlock it first. The game in question was published in 2003 and it is developed by Treyarch. Beside GBA and PC, it is also available for other gaming consoles.

  1. Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron

Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron is thankfully available for PC beside GBA. In the game, you will play as Jimmy Neutron who builds a time machine and he wants to go 50 years back in the past. However, he is teleported in the cage of Jimmy Negatron, an alternative dimension person identical to Neutron. As a player, your mission is to prevent Negatron from completing his bad and evil missions. The game comes with plenty of possibilities and it is very fun to play.

  1. Agassi Tennis Generation

Many years ago, Agassi Tennis Generation game was one of the most popular developments in the world. It is available for all kinds of platforms including PC and Microsoft Windows. In the game, you can choose between 16 tournaments and 12 different courts. You can play a fast match or you can play a championship. Other popular names in the world of tennis were present in the game as well. The game was more than just popular among all tennis fans and it was one of the first developments that make tennis closer to ordinary gamers. Even today this is a popular game that deserves your attention.

  1. Angelique

Keep in mind that we are referring to the original game and the first sequel. Of course, there are a lot of additional sequels you are able to play on your PC. Angelique is a girl who is appointed to be the queen of cosmos. She must embrace and accept her new role in this world and she must lead the cosmos into a new era. There are all kinds of help in the game and there are countless options. As a queen, she will have to complete countless actions and meet the difficult requirements. As a gamer, you will have to guide the main character through it. This is one of the games you will simply adore playing on any possible device and the amount of information is immense.

Play GBA games on your PC

Download the game on your PC and play or use your GBA ROM and an emulator. Chances are high that you have been in touch with one or more games from the list. After all, theyare very popular they have been a long period of time with us and they are something that makes gaming so much better. Be free to try them all and decide which one is best for you.

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