Tron (TRX) Celebrates New Partnership with DACC Content Blockchain Platform

Tron (TRX) recently celebrated another interesting partnership, and this time with DACC blockchain platform. The companies recently exchanged Twitter posts to announce and celebrate the new promising partnership. According to the sides, as a result of the partnership, they will launch a new AI project onto Tron’s dAPP ecosystem.   

The original post by DACC on Twitter stated: “cheer the cooperation between DACC and Tron in DApp Ecosystem! DACC has successfully launched its artificial intelligence project “HashAI” onto Tron. This protocol is one of the largest blockchain-based operating system in the world!”

So, as a result the sides will launch DACC’s AI project called ‘HashAI’ onto Tron’s dApp Ecosystem which is reportedly a very big hit in the field. From the side of Sky, which is the founder the DACC Foundation there was also a promising statement released. According to Sky, “HashAI will be the first dAPP to work with Tron in 2019”.

Official Comment by Sky

The original message by Sky stated: “thanks for Justin Sun and Tron Foundation. HashAI will be the first dapp co-worked with Tron in 2019. Also we will announce this in our Korean meetup. DACC and Tron will announce more dApps cooperation in the near future”.

More About HashAI

The announcement also revealed that DACC has developed HashAI dApp based on Artificial intelligence. “It helps users in two ways; as money transfer and the smart contract calls in blockchain via voice queries… TRX has been receiving a lot more attention from the chain industries and cafes’ as such they expect to add TRX as a payment mode for transactions… HashAI is an attempt to enhance TRX payment via artificial intelligence’.

In addition DACC confirmed that the company will also promote “HashAI” by tapping into its own global community”. It currently has over 1,000,000 members. In addition they will use 499 Block, which is DACC’s subordinate community media.

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