Cryptocurrency Mining on the Office PC: the Dangerous Process Description

Many complainterator visitors and trending Internet users are interested in finding new blocks of the cryptocurrency network and getting the remuneration payment in the form of coins (mining the cryptocurrency). Most office computers are monitored by network department and hardware mining can lead to the increasing electricity consumption and attracting unnecessary attention. Also, these PCs aren’t able to give the administrator’s complete control to perform changes in a certain setting and install the required files of a miner. Sometimes it’s possible to use the PC at night due to the programs for remote computer control, but it will be difficult to go unnoticed and get really high profit. Moreover, the antivirus perceives the mining software as malware, which can be monitored by the IT staff if they are competent.

Stationary or cloud Bitcoin farms are created with the help of hundreds of video cards, which are involved simultaneously. Of course, the office PC can’t be regarded as a powerful tool, but if you are a brave person, who doesn’t afraid to be caught or fired, use the next guide.

Choose the fork (a code base of the software project)

The attention should be paid to the profitability of mining cryptocurrency, after that – on liquidity. The second criterion is very important because there are forks where it is relatively easy to make money, but the chances of turning cryptocurrency into real money are almost zero. The ordinary computer users should pay attention to the script, which uses RAM intensively. They do not work well with professional ASICs, so the office workers will have good chances to earn in the absence of thousands of competitors pursuing the same goals.

Pool selection

The commission of the pool is withdrawn both when a block is divided and when money is withdrawn from the system to the wallet. Having chosen, register in the system, create logins and passwords for the computer. If you have a few PCs, create one account for all the computers. Their power will be summed up and it might be easier to manage such a worker.

Miner picking

Log on to the pool site. Read the instructions, configure the miner under the selected pool, and follow the recommendations.

Start mining

All modern pools support the stratum protocol. If you want to run the process, for example, on Linux, use the required command.

Withdraw cryptocurrency to the wallet

You need to download and install a special wallet for cryptocurrencies with a fork in order to withdraw funds from the system. Register it and calmly continue to get the bitcoins.

Before the mining will start, remember that it needs a powerful device, much time, and it may bring you serious problems with the employer and the law.

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