Two Profitable Print On Demand Stores For Sale On Exchange Marketplace

Jewelry, clothing, trinkets, bags, shoes, and graffiti T-shirts are products that never go out of style. Add to that funky, colourful themes and you know that consumers are going to get hooked onto your merchandise. Here are two great, vibrant online stores that sell products based on Tudor history and oceans. Unique niches? Check. Print on demand? Check. On sale? Check! These gems are up for sale on Shopify’s very own ExchangeMarketplace, and have great potential to become bigger and better. Let’s see why you must consider buying (or at least take inspiration from) these themed print on demand online stores.

Tudor Fair

This store was started by a history enthusiast who, after tasting success with a podcast on Tudor England, decided to get into selling merchandise based on period history. Tudor Fair sells mugs, apparel, planners, diaries, pouches, jewelry, bags, footwear and other such gift articles. All their print on demand products have graffitti, captions and artwork based on Tudor history, which is popular amongst their customers, many of whom are between their 20s and 30s. This theme has become hugely popular with youngsters because of the success of many popular TV shows which are set in a similar time period.

While there are plenty of stores out there selling similar products, what makes Tudor Fair unique is its historical theme.

      Merchandise for the history geeks.

Started in the year 2017, TudorFair makes an average monthly revenue of $6379 with an average monthly profit of $2000. It is currently seeing a steady and steep increase in its revenue. This store gets an average of 134 transactions per month and has an inventory worth $9000. With a profit margin of 35%, this store has great growth potential. For a store that’s just over a year old, it’s doing pretty great.  The monthly expenses that would be involved in running TudorFair include $650 on workforce maintenance, $800 on Facebook advertisements, $129 for Shopify and about $53 for the domain and email marketing services. Typically, a total of $1632 (around a quarter of monthly revenue) tends to go towards expenditures.

  Total Revenue of $95,682 since September 2017

This business is up for sale on Exchange Marketplace at $48,900.  The sale of TudorFair brings with it its most popular product ‘The Planner’, and a subscription box scheme, both of which help to bring in a steady flow of income. The buyer of this store would receive complete access to the fulfillment company and the printers who are involved in the preparation of this subscription box scheme as well as the planners. The sale of TudorFair includes the complete physical inventory, the logo and branding assets, suppliers contacts, mailing list, the web domain and social media following. The store owner is also willing to provide personal support after the sale. The buyer will receive training, product support with design ideas, subscription boxes, ads and marketing. According to the owner, the buyer could work on advertising and forging partnerships with creators and publishers for expanding the growth of existing products and developing new content that could be made into print on demand products.

Living Blue Ocean

Dolphin pendants, wave shaped rings, turtle night lamps and more such aquatic themed merchandise is on this store that reaches out to those who love the deep blue sea.

The Living Blue Ocean is a home business that sells ocean themed gifts, apparels and costumes for kids, jewelry and collectibles. This business was started by a stay at home mom who’s passionate about the oceans. It aims at getting  involved with and supporting ocean charities and non-profit organizations. All their print on demand products are sourced directly from the manufacturers who are located in various countries all over the world.

Jewelry, apparel and gifts with a touch of nature.

Started in July 2018, this fast growing business earns an average monthly revenue of $13,230 and an average monthly profit of $5500. With an average of 430 sales transactions a month, it gets a profit margin of 30% and has had 6768 sessions on a monthly average. The store’s sales are fuelled by repeat customers and those who hear of it through their email marketing campaigns. The sharp increase of sales right during the store’s nascent stages is proof enough that there is huge potential for growth and expansion.

                    Total Revenue of $66,151 since July 2018

This online store is up for sale on ExchangeMarketplace, Shopify’s own platform for the purchase and sale of ecommerce stores, for about $40,000. To run this business effectively, the buyer should be prepared to carry out marketing campaigns, build brand awareness through social media,  master the world of drop shipping services, and conduct extensive research on ocean conservation groups. The expenditures involved is typically a little over $4000, of which a huge chunk goes towards advertising on social media, creating content for marketing and the Shopify plan. The buyer of this business would get full access to the logo, branding assets, domain, product photos, contacts of suppliers, mailing list and social media following. Buyers looking for an upcoming online business with a contemporary theme that is able to attract a long term customer base must consider the Living Blue Ocean.

As these store owners have proven, being successful in the ecommerce industry is possible, and especially so for print on demand businesses, as long as the theme and the niche are picked carefully. While TudorFair capitalizes on the boom in the interest in English history because of highly popular TV shows, Living Blue Ocean builds a connection with consumers who are passionate about the seas and the marine world.  

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