Top Nations That Have a Good Hold On Data Security Measures

Data security is a subject that has stirred global concern. Cybersecurity is becoming harder to achieve as technological developments take place. From the look of things. The skills of the hackers and other intruders are improving at an equal pace. However, the beauty of it all is that no one is giving up. Organisations are devoting relentless efforts in securing their valuable data. It has reached a point where governments have had to intervene.

For some countries, the stepping in has borne fruits while for others cybersecurity remains a struggle. The following are some of the top nations that have managed to get a hold on data security.

1. United States

The United States has been aggressive with the war on cybersecurity. Which has resulted in the country being on a level playing field when it comes to the subject. The catch is that the nation has been able to include even foreign partners and other stakeholders in the war against cybercrime. Among the strategies that the country has implemented is majorly encouraging policies and best practices. The government is continually encouraging openness, efficiency and innovation when it comes to data security. More so, the government has been seen working with stakeholders in fostering internet governance through the development of models and the rejection of feigned cybersecurity concerns.

The United States has made combined efforts with partners in implementing cybersecurity strategies, outlaying cybersecurity standards, addressing cybercrime and safeguarding sensitive infrastructure from cyber threats. It has been a success.

2. Israel

It is no longer news that Israel boasts being the leading cybersecurity powerhouse. It owes to the government playing a significant role in the coordination of the development of a framework that will manage the occurrence of unpredicted cyber threats. The government has also catalysed the growth of the cyber security industry. It has placed Israel on top of the charts when it comes to research and practicality of the subject. Involving the military has also had a role to play in tackling cybersecurity. Israel is also relentlessly investing in human capital. That is in light of skills and knowledge that the people have regarding the subject. It is through investing in cybersecurity education which starts as early as middle school.

3. Finland

What makes Finland a forerunner? Well, first of all, it is worth noting that the nation published its cybersecurity in 2013. What that means is by now the country is well prepared for such threats. The state is in a better position to even tackle the threats that have not been anticipated for.

The strategy is backed by the expertise that the country holds when it comes to cybersecurity. The war against the cyber threat in the country also has been made possible through the combined efforts of both the public and private sector. Other inter-sectoral partnerships too have done an excellent job at that too.

The other thing that has contributed to the success of Finland in handling cybersecurity is the investment in research and development. The parties involved in innovation are universities, research institutes, businesses and polytechnics. If you also look deeper, you will notice that the nation also boasts a good number of cybersecurity companies.

4. Spain

Spain is a Western European Nation that has a cyber-security success story to tell. The reason behind that is the nation’s efforts in implementing a conclusive cybersecurity strategy. What does it cover? Well, it looks to address cybercrime and balance the security of data with privacy. The plan is also there to ensure that awareness regarding cybersecurity is created among the nation’s citizens.

The nation has succeeded in formulating contingency plans for national cyber. More so, efforts have tirelessly been devoted to the protection of infrastructure. Response to incidence has been dramatically improved in the nation including the reporting of the same. Research and development have also been encouraged which have made an essential contribution to the organization of cybersecurity exercises.

Looking at the success stories, you can be able to borrow a few notes regarding cybersecurity from the nations and put them to the test. However, do not forget that employment of best data handling practices and use of the appropriate tools like in data backup processes goes a long way in data protection.

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