Smart-contract and dApps on Tron (TRX) continue to increase

2019 started in a positive way for cryptocurrencies, in particular  Tron (TRX) climbed fast enough to be able to climb two positions in the top ten . Although the market has suddenly turned into bearish, Tron is still making significant progress with its network.

Tron’s CEO Justin Sun said yesterday in a tweet that Tron’s Blockchain now boasts more than 100 dApps according to the DappRaddar website and 133 according to  DappReview .

 Sun is confident that with the imminent summit niTron2019 it will soon reach 200 apps. This also thanks to the developer enhancement program , called Tron Accelerator, 

“Tron Accelerator”

The “Tron Accelerator” is one of Tron’s initiatives to convince developers to push the company towards achieving its goal, “decentralization of the Internet”. This is a million dollar project that offers developers a platform to build on the Tron blockchain and compete for attractive prizes.

Tron has made it very convenient for developers to build dapps on their own network. Last year, Bitguild moved his bitCitizen from the Ethereum blockchain to Tron’s blockchain. This is just one of the open line projects moved to Tron. Others may migrate this year, especially with the kind of programs that Sun wants to implement.

Meanwhile, the value of the Tron cryptocurrency (TRX) has declined, as with most of the top ten. 
Although the price dropped in the last 48 hours, the number of smart-contract and dApps continues to increase.

100 smart-contracts in 2018

In 2018, almost 100 smart-contracts were developed on Tron’s blockchain (TRX), despite the permanent bear market. TRX was among the first to gain when the market saw intermittent recoveries.

Tron resisted the market well. It expanded the smart-contracts and the dApps available on its network. Obviously, Sun is still planning several things for the company in 2019 that could lead Tron to climb again in the rankings.

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