Stellar is the direct competitor of Ethereum as platform for ICO

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Stellar is more than just a solution for cross-border peer-to-peer payments. When Stellar Lumens (XLM) entered the market, cryptocurrency fans started seeing it as a rival to Ripple (XRP). This because Jed McCaleb, the founder of Stellar was originally a developer of Ripple who, after some fundamental differences with the other developers, founded Stellar.

 The reason why Stellar has become a direct competitor to Ripple is due to its core philosophy of focusing on end users rather than intermediaries. Ripple wants to give more power to the “middle men” while Stellar wants to eliminate them. This is what made Stellar more acceptable in the crypto community since its early days.

However, recently we have seen investors interested in distributed accounting technologies flow towards XRP / USD more than XLM / USD. One of the main reasons for this important change is that Ripple is selling a dream while Stellar is still stalled. Jed McCaleb said that he wants to fix these shortfalls in 2019. Recently, Stellarhas been focused on other uses of their blockchain. The Stellar team is sure that this will become the favorite ICO platform for years to come. This is because Stellar is faster and cheaper.

Stellar and IBM

The strategic partnership between Stellar and IBM is unlike any other major partnership we have seen in this space. Both are seriously working towards common goals to push for greater adoption and innovation on the blockchain.

 IBM believes it can use the blockchain to launch a series of applications. This apps will take advantage of the true potential of this technology. One of these joint ventures between Stellar and IBM is “IBM Blockchain World Wire”. 

Ripple launched Swell in direct competition with Swift, but Stellar and IBM seem to become familiar with Swift. Ripple has a lot of partnerships, but partnership between Stellar and IBM rivals everyone. 

 Stellar is not only a good alternative to Ripple, but also to Ethereum. Many promising projects lined up to launch their ICOs on Stellar in the first quarter of 2019. Over time, this trend should increase and it is likely that Stellar may eventually replace Ethereum as the preferred ICO platform.

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