5 Exciting Graphic Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Graphic design trends are always exciting and never stop changing. Click here to discover what to expect in 2019.

The New Year will see the emergence of many cool and memorable trends. And the world of graphic design is no different. What will be the overarching trends in graphic design for 2019? Glad you asked!

Each year brings new graphic design trends. No matter the medium, contemporary graphic design continues to change and evolve. That’s definitely true for the hot trends of 2019.

Let’s take a look at some things you can expect to be huge in the coming year. 

5 Exciting Graphic Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Graphic design trends are always exciting and never stop changing. Read on to discover what to expect in 2019.

1. Asymmetrical Layouts

Over the past few years, rigid grid-based designs have become the standard in graphic design. This is beginning to change. In the coming months, you will start noticing a move toward more asymmetrical designs. 

Asymmetrical layouts provide a fresh look because they break free of the predictable and rigid grid, thus delivering a more kinetic energy that demands your attention.

This type of design layout has the power to make the user feel innately curious about where the graphics and information might go next, resulting in increased interest and a feeling of wonder.

2. Art Deco Design

Believe it or not, art deco is going to blow up big time in 2019. In fact, it’s already emerging in current logo designs. Many designers have begun to embrace the complex intense symmetry of the roaring twenties, combining it with sharp metallics to create truly attention-grabbing imagery.

Art deco designs inspire feelings of luxury and opulence, producing a sharp contrast to the more rustic designs that have become ubiquitous in recent years.

3. Mid-Century Modern Design 

While there’s no denying the influence of mid-century style in fashion and interior design, it’s now begun trending in graphic work as well.

This is especially true with start-ups and small companies who are smart enough to recognize the power of custom mid-century illustration work. You can expect to see it embraced by website designers who will utilize dreamy vintage color palettes, especially in brand launching.

4. Isometric Design

Isometric design isn’t as technical as it sounds. This is a method of drawing a simple and clean 3D object in two dimensions with a depth that’s superior in appearance to traditional flat design.

The hottest trend in isometric design is with icons. This style of design offers more warmth and tactility than flat design, yet saves to a smaller file size than 3D. Almost anything is possible now, especially with powerful tools like the Wattpad cover maker.

5. Gradients

Gradients have begun to reappear in the world of design over the past year or two, thanks in large part to logos that utilize a combination of colors. These color transitions are expected to trend in the new year in a big way, so expect to see plenty of gradients and duotones showing up in the marketplace.

Great Things on the Horizon in Contemporary Graphic Design

These graphic design trends are only the tip of the iceberg. The world of graphic design is full of creative geniuses making the old new again, while bringing cutting-edge advances to print and digital media. 

So keep your eyes open and watch what happens as 2019 arrives and takes graphic design to the next level!

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