Tron CEO Justin Sun Speaks About Working Toward Decentralized Internet and Sustainable Cryptocurrency Model

Tron’s Founder and CEO, Justin Sun recently gave an interview to Inc, talking about the company’s current objectives and how they are working towards achieving them. During the interview, Sun spoke also on the recent major developments. These regarded both the history of Tron as well as the entire cryptocurrency industry.

The interview begun by summarizing the recent important acquisition of BitTorrent by Tron on which Sun shared a comment which says: “…Tron and BitTorrent will continue to work on separate projects; while orbiting each other and collaborating on that goal of decentralizing the internet”.

Another key development was Tron’s upcoming major Project Atlas on. On this one Sun stated that they will share more details on the project during their upcoming January niTROn event.

Further on providing more details on the upcoming event, Sun confirmed that it will feature list of workshops and speaking panel. In addition they will have the important appearance from Kobe Bryant, who “graciously agreed” to participate in the event.  Sun went on saying that “niTRon is all about entrepreneurship, and unleashing the creativity of people who feel like they are being locked out of sharing and profiting with their work because big-name companies erect barriers to that content”.

Further Objectives

Sun also shared insights on their developers support programs. These include the accelerator program, in addition to their suite of tools including TronGrid, TronWeb, TronStudio, and TronBox. These efforts all together are there to assist with everything from event server support to migration and development.     

While talking about decentralization of internet, Sun stated: “it is my deep belief that technology should be fair and distributed”. The CEO deeply supports this vision; and tries to back it up via charitable contributions such as the recent one with Binance.

“Blockchain is a collaborative environment; it needs nurturing. We were thankfully in a good position financially to serve as an example to others; long-term thinking and support are what we need to boost the industry in general”, stated Sun.

Finally, Sun also commented on the regulatory field they are believe in. “We are operating under the assumption that regulation will come to the industry in many places. In many ways, it will be necessary to legitimize the market and separate good practices from bad…”, concluded Sun.

The Full interview is available here.

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