Tron Foundation Announces Christmas Contest with Top Prize Worth 19,000 TRX

Tron Foundation recently announced a new Christmas special contest for the community members. The message was passed on the company Twitter profile highlighting that winner of the contest will receive the prize worth 19,000 TRX. In total, the company will reportedly select 13 winners from all the participants. The official message also explained the terms of the contest in addition to summarizing the prizes for 2nd and 3rd prizes as well.

The original message reads: “HO! HO! HO! Xmas is coming! We wish you Merry Xmas! Share & comment below this post with niTROn 2019. Tell Tron about your 2018 and what are looking forward in 2019! We will pick 13 winners! 1st Prize: 19,000 TRX 2nd Prize: 8,888 TRX 3rd Prize: 6,666 TRX 4th – 13th Prizes: 2,425 TRX”.

This contest is another interesting and motivating event for Tron’s community members. In addition, it comes as a part of the promotion of Tron’s major upcoming niTROn event, which will take place in January 2019.

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In addition to upcoming contests at niTROn, Tron continues introducing some top level participants and speakers of the event. Recently, the founder and CEO of the company, Justin Sun shared that the CEO of Mars Finance, Feng Wang will be on the list of participants. Sun shared the company’s announcement stating that he is looking forward to having Wang at the event.

Tron’s official announcement meanwhile stated: “Feng Wang, CEO of Mars Finance will be joining niTROn 2019 to share his views on investment and how new models like security token offerings will reshape the way blockchain startups get funded”.

Earlier, Justin Sun also published interesting record breaking statistics on TRX performance on the date of December 20. He tweeted: “according to, the data shows that the transaction last day (December, 20) is 308829 which breaks the record. The fast increase of Dapp also accelerates the activity of Tron mainnet”.

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