Major Blockchain Gaming Platform, BitGuild to Sell their Bitizens Pioneer Items for Tron (TRX)

Community-focused blockchain and gaming company, BitGuild recently announced that their Bitizens pioneer items are now available for purchase using Tron (TRX). The announcement was made on December 17. It later on was shared by Tron Foundation and its CEO, Justin Sun on Twitter. It also confirmed that the platform is currently offering a brand new Tron set.  

The announcement started by stating: “it’s a new dawn here in Bitropolis. We have migrated to the Tron network and can’t wait to see what this shift will bring to the game and to our community. The possibilities are endless! In a way, we are all pioneers now; treading uncharted territory in search of fresh and exciting experiences that will bring cryptogaming to a new frontier”.

Based on the key objective, the company made the decision of bringing the exclusive Pioneer sets back which the users can now purchase.  “And that’s not all - we are also debuting a very special Tron set to commemorate this new phase in the Bitizens journey”, continued the announcement.

The message also listed the specific items which are currently available for sale using TRX. The list includes Tron Set for 5,000 TRX, Pioneer of the Wilds for 7,000 TRX, Pioneer of the Skies for 20,000 TRX and Pioneer of the Seas or 50,000 TRX.

The Cyberspace Pioneer set and the Pioneer’s Compass is sold out, and soon these items will be too! Once they run out, there won’t be another chance to buy them in-game. You may find someone who’ll trade them to you, but you’ll probably have to shell out a pretty penny…” concluded the announcement.

About BitGuild

The blockchian based company has the main objective of bringing blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption to the masses. They provide easy accessible compelling experiences. They also offer decentralized wallet mobile app with an integrated social suite.


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