Tron CEO Announces Million-Dollar DAPP Developer Contest- Tron’s Accelerator Plan

CEO and Founder of Tron, Justin Sun recently announced about Tron’s Accelerator Plan which is reportedly worth one million dollar. This online contest aims at encouraging development of different Dapps on Tron protocol and eventually empowering developers.

The official introduction stated: “in order to continue fostering innovations in the blockchain industry, Tron has announced the million-dollar Tron Accelerator plan. This industry-leading plan will empower developers and start-ups to develop Dapps based on Tron protocol, one of the most active protoclos with a daily transaction volume of over 1 million and more than 600,000 wallets”.

The information by the company also confirmed that the overall prize pool is $1 million which will be divided into different 56 awards. And the first prize winner will receive $200,000. The second and third prize winners will accordingly receive $100,000 and $50,000. There will also be 8 special prize winners with $240,000 reward in total (each will receive $30,000). Finally there will be 42 finalist prize winners each of whom will receive $5,000.

The online contest started on December 1, 2018 and will last till January 4, 2019. In addition, the developers can submit their applications on the provided link. After this, the committee of judges will receive and review the projects. The company will announce the awards during Tron’s nITROn Summit in San Francisco in January next year.

More Opportunities from Tron

Tron slowly becomes known also for its interesting contests and generous awards. Earlier, Justin Sun announced another small contest after summing up Tron’s recent achievement. This time, the CEO promised free passes to their first ever conference for several randomly selected followers who will share their recent achievement.

In his recent tweet Sun announced: “today Tron is writing blockchain history with over 2,000,000 transactions and 700,000 accounts registered! This is just the beginning, more exciting news during noTROn 2019! Re-tweet and win a pass for the best blockchain event of 2019. I will randomly pick 10 winners!”

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