Ripple University Blockchain Research Initiative and University of Texas Austin to Expand Research into Blockchain

Ripple recently published an article, telling about how Ripple University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI), together with University of Texas Austin, are planning to expand interdisciplinary study and research into Blockchian.  

UBRI was launched earlier this year. It has the aim to promote greater understanding of blockchain, crypto and digital payments through deeper engagement with academia. The message confirmed that “institutions like McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin with its campus-based Blockchain Initiative and annual blockchain conference are at the heart of this UBRI effort  

Professor Cesare Fracassi, who is the director of the initiative at the University’s new Center for Analytics and Transformational Technologies, talked about recent works at UT Austin and the impact of UBRI on the program.   

“Professor Fracassi’s ultimate goal is to leverage UBRI to accelerate what he sees as lagging understanding of blockchain in academia. By expanding its presence on the UT Austin campus and building an interdisciplinary approach to its study, he believes students will be best set up to advance blockchain innovation after graduation” confirmed the article.

As reported by the Professor Fracassi, there is a growing interest among students in fintech; and especially blockchain. The students are reportedly eager to participate in the founding of a graduate blockchain society. “This unique combination of existing blockchain coursework, dynamic leadership and student engagement make UT Austin ripe for further blockchain exploration. It is a perfect home for UBRI”, continued the official message.

Professor Fracassi also suggests that one of the reasons why blockchain is so important to the University is its interdisciplinary nature. Unlike academia, blockchain touches multiple topics including science, engineering and law. There are also applications in distinct industries such as finance, identity and healthcare.

Key Role of UBRI

UBRI, as known adds important funds to the initiative. This reportedly allows the Center to expand the range of students taking this blockchain-related coursework. “This fall, the university expanded course offerings to include MBA, graduate level business analytics and computer science, and undergrad students. The Center expects about 200 students enrolling in these classes in the spring semester”, confirmed the article.

Full story is available here.

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