Tron Foundation Announces Free Model of TronWallet

With the claim of “Driving TWX Adoption”, Tron Foundation recently announced the free model of their Tron Wallet in a Medium post. The company made the announcement on November 26, where also provided further information on the new Model.

The announcement started by stating: “as we finalize details of the coming TronWallet release which will feature the new TronWallet DEX and prepare for launch, the moment has come to unveil the fee model and structure for the different features and actions our users can perform to have full power over their tokens on the Tron blockchain”.

The announcement also informed that the TronWallet Fee Model will be effective on January 1, 2019. It also featured further details on the model providing specific terms of the version (the full list is available in the original announcement).

About TronWallet

TronWallet is a secure p2p crypto wallet. It is also an exchange platfor for all the users of Tron. TWX is a token hub where holders of TRX can swap tokens. They can use the platform as proxy token and liquidity pool. It allows users to instantly purchase tokens directly through a convenient and simple mobile interface of the platform.

“We believe this approach to Fees for TronWallet will help not only keep development and continuous improvement of the TronWallet Platform of products and services but also support and add value to the TWX token and its expanding ecosystem. We will review constantly this fee model and modify as needed, informing our users and overall community in due time. Thank you for being a supporter!” concluded the official message.  

As always Tron is being very responsive to the feedback of the community. The company invited all the members to join in the discussion on the update. It hence stated that the community’s “feedback is welcome and fundamental to improve!”

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