Coincheck Announces Restarting Depositing and Purchasing of Ripple (XRP) on Their Platform

Coincheck , Inc. recently issued a press release where confirmed that they will be adding two cryptocurrencies including on their platform. The announced two coins include Ripple (XRP) and FCT. The announcement confirmed that users now can deposit and purchase the two digital coins on Coincheck official platform.  

The message introduced the new addition stating that Coincheck, Inc. feels pleased to “announce that it resumed depositing and purchasing services for XRP and FCT today (November 26)… As of the announcement today regarding XRP and FCT, Coincheck has resumed depositing and purchasing services for all tradable cryptocurrencies on Coincheck”.   

The press release also confirmed that the platform had previously suspended its certain services. The company reportedly had done it in order “to protect the integrity of customers’ assets and to investigate the cause of the breach to its system”. Since the breach happened back in January this year, Coincheck had been working on improving internal management and structure. The message went on stating: “up to date, Coincheck has been steadily resuming as each service’s technical safety is confirmed through the supports of external experts”.

Company hence confirmed that the resumed services will include depositing and purchasing XRP and FCT. Meanwhile the company announced its currently available services as well. They include new account openings for domestic residents as well as depositing, purchasing, remitting and selling cryptocurrencies. They are also offering depositing and withdrawing JPY on their platform in addition to the rest of specifically listed advantages. The press release includes the complete list of services.    

About Coincheck

Monex Group, Inc.  fully owns Coincheck as a subsidiary. The major Japanese cryptocurrency exchange platform is an important market player in the Asian market. The platform had suspended some of its services due to the major hack earlier this year. The recent update on beginning to trade a wider range of assets is an important development for the platform.


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