5 Tips for the Beginners on Starting a YouTube Channel

Are you just starting out on YouTube and are wondering how to become as successful as some of the people with a huge following?

There is nothing to worry about. We should start by reminding you that each of those success stories on YouTube started out like you- no account, no video. They all started from scratch before they got to where they are now. Unlike most of them who had to grope in the dark when they started, we will share with you 5 tips for the beginners on starting a YouTube channel to give you a head start and save you the need to buy YouTube views.

Tips for the beginners on starting a YouTube channel

  1. Post videos regularly and be consistent

YouTube success requires that you post videos regularly and you should be consistent at it. Do not post a video then go on a lull for weeks before you post another. Set goals and targets to help keep you on track and make the targets achievable.

Only a steady stream of new content will attract viewers to your channel and keep them coming back, therefore, you must be active. The frequency of your videos is generally dictated by the kind of channel you have- some will require that you post daily even though the general practice is one video every week. Ensure that you always deliver as per your schedule.

  1. Be unique- Do not do what others are doing

Viewers love nothing better than originality and uniqueness, even if you are doing something similar to what is already on, find ways to make yours stand out. Do not do what other people are doing but use them for inspiration and ideas.

  1. Learn from the successful channels

As much as we have just said that you should be unique, we also said that you can use others for inspiration. Always be in the habit of studying your competition and identifying what makes them right. “Why did they do it that way?”, “How did they do that?” etc. should be the questions you ask when you look at other videos.

Find out what they are doing right and incorporate the great ideas into your videos while customizing them to be unique. Learning from others is the best way of knowing what the audience is keen to watch and how they want it packaged.

  1. Optimize your video for success

Videos like every other online content with the aim of attracting an audience must be optimized for better ranking and visibility. In addition to good quality, ensure that you adopt good SEO practices for your videos. Identify and use relevant keywords by:

  • Giving your videos descriptive titles which must include keywords and clearly explain what the video is about.

  • Incorporate unique tags to make it easier to find your video.

  • The video must have a description optimized for searches- long tail keywords are best for the video description.

  1. Take the reins of viewer engagement

Viewer engagement is very important for video watch time and success on YouTube, do this right and you will beat by leaps and bounds those who do not want to put in the hard work and prefer to buy YouTube views. Effective viewer engagement leads to more followers and subscribers and ultimately better ranking and more money.

Reply to comments, supply the information the viewers are asking for and most important, always include a strong call to action in your videos. Ask them to subscribe, to share, to comment or like your video.


There are our 5 tips for the beginners on starting a YouTube channel which we highly recommend that you implement right from the start. This is a race of perseverance which requires a lot of patience, time and work to make it succeed.

You do not need to buy YouTube views, use these proven tips to grow your following organically and get you to the top. Viewers will like your videos, follow you and subscribe to your channel because they genuinely like your content and believe in your message. More importantly, keep learning and be up to date with developments on YouTube.

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