TRON (TRX): all the Dapps statistics now available on DappRadar

DappRadar is an online platform that provides information and insights on Dapps , decentralized applications residing on blockchain. Until now, DappRadar had listed the DApps on the Ethereum (ETH) and EOS networks . However, it has recently been possible to trace all decentralized applications on the Tron network as well . Let’s see together the features of the platform and the latest TRON news(TRX).


The Tron Foundation has announced the landing on DappRadar [ HERE you can find the platform] through an article on its blog Medium. In the post, the Foundation has informed its community that they will find a lot of information on DappRadar finding  different metrics such as the number of users active in the last 24 hours , the volume of exchanges in the past 24 hours and 7 days and much more.

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Tron, as can be seen from their website , currently hosts 15 decentralized applications . For now, DappRadar makes data available for only eleven of them.

The Dapps in question are:

  • Tron Bet
  • Tron Dice
  • Dice Bet
  • WINToken Games
  • HitDAPPs
  • Dice.TRX
  • TRON Crypto Mahjong 3d
  • TRON Win
  • TRON Baccarat
  • Snatch 3D
  • Last Trip

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The progress of the network

To date, there are 708 smart contracts that have been distributed on the blockchain since the virtual machine was activated on October 12th. The same smart contracts have been used for a total of over 29 million times since then.

Recently, the foundation presented its acceleration program for the development of new Dapps. Moreover, the network seems to be able to manage an impressive amount of transactions, which today exceeds one million daily.

The decentralized exchange

The Decentralized Exchange available on is still very active, despite the current market turbulence caused, in all likelihood, by the recent bitcoin cash forks and Bakk’s postponement .

Today, we find 14 tokens combined with TRX on the exchange compared to only three originating at the opening of the new DEX ( HERE the ranking of the 5 best decentralized exchanges).

NiTRON summit

On January 7 and 18, 2019 Justin Sun, the famous CEO of TRX, invited everyone to their NiTRON event , which will take place in San Francisco . The guest of honor, who will also be the speaker at the event, the former NBA star Kobe Bryant , who will talk about his new business life.

Finally, remember that together with EOS , TRON holds more than 80% of all transactions in cryptocurrencies. Numbers that bode well for a future as a protagonist in the crypto ecosystem.

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