More Stamps Global (MSG) Is The Crypto Travel Agency For The Crypto-Enthusiasts

Based in Hungary, More Stamps Global (MSG) is an innovative travel agency which can be most appreciated by crypto-enthusiasts. The agency operates internationally providing quality and timely travel services, which can be purchased with list of popular cryptocurrencies. On the platform, the users are able to find all types of travel services; starting from hotel accommodations and flights to vacation packages and special deals.

MSG, founded in 2017, currently accepts more than 40 different and most popular cryptocurrencies in the market. The users hence, are welcome to search and choose travel services or products on the platform. Also directly make a purchase by using any preferred digital coin. In addition, according to the Founder & CEO of MSG, Patrick Amoah, the range of the accepted cryptocurrencies on the platform constantly grows. “Despite the crypto coins trends and movement we are still accepting them and expanding the numbers of the crypto coins we are accepting on our platform”, said Amoah.

More Stamps Global has the mission of completely simplifying the way people search for travel deals. Due to the effective travel shopping engine of the platform, the best deals at lowest prices are constantly suggested to the users. The effective algorithm of MSG searches and displays the best fares from all over the world. And as flexibility and convenience are the key advantages of the platform the website is very easy to navigate and simple to use.

More Stamps Global is an ideal option for faster and more convenient purchase of travel products. Here all the services are available on one single platform, which was inspired by the new technologies and the great opportunities that cryptocurrencies currently offer. “As long as cryptocurrencies are alive, so are we”, states Patrick Amoah.

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