More Stamps Global Is the Platform Where Crypto-Enthusiasts Go To Get Their Travel Tickets

As cryptocurrencies become more and more popular, they slowly become an important part of many different industries, including also travel. Founded by a traveller and a true crypto-enthusiast, Patrick Amoah in 2017, More Stamps Global (MSG) is one of the first online travel platforms to offer special deals and travel related services which can be purchased by using cryptocurrencies.

MSG has already helped many crypto-enthusiasts from all around the world buy flight tickets and list of other travel services with their preferred cryptocurrencies. The company is based in Hungary, white the platform operates internationally, so all the crypto-enthusiasts can benefit from the great opportunities of More Stamps Global.

The users can book cheap flights to any desired destination with more than 40 cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, as reported, the company aims to eventually accept 300 different cryptocurrencies, and hence the range of accepted digital cons on the platform constantly expands.

Currently MSG offers great range of travel related services and products including: vacation packages, custom itineraries, domestic and international flights, hotel accommodations, transfers, sightseeing, car rentals, cruises, trains, airport lounges and a wide range of travel deals.

All the offers are displayed at the lowest available prices, due to an effective algorithm that the platform currently uses. It compares the prices worldwide and shows the best options for the MSG’s users. The platform shows these fares in a simple, easy to navigate site with all the best flight amenities to bring some joy to users’ trip planning.

The unique opportunity of the platform is there to add a kind of sophistication to online bookings that is hardly possible to find elsewhere. “I believe More Stamps Global is the next Expedia for the crypto community”, stated the CEO Patrick Amoah.

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