Tron Announces Intergalactic Gaming as Newly Elected Super Representative

New blockchain based project, Intergalactic Gaming recently confirmed that they were elected as Tron new Super Representative. The official announcement also stated that the news came only several hours after first announcing their candidacy.    

The official message on the company’s Twitter page stated: “we have now reached rank 27 in the Tron Super Representative elections. We will now begin producing blocks, continuing our drive to become one of the most productive and value adding SRs on the Tron Foundation protocol”.

According to the terms of Tron SR, the Representatives receive rewards for their governance efforts. They receive 32 TRX worth rewards for each block that they build on Tron public blockchain network. The rate of each block creation is reportedly worth 1 per second and hence each SR receives 2,764,800 TRX daily.    

Further on Intergalactic Gaming’s announcement stated that “the project intends to distribute its delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) block rewards according to a three-tiered plan, where it first intends to distribute 100% of TRX rewards to voters. As they progress, Intergalactic Gaming will slowly reduce that percentage in order to establish their foundation and kickstart product development”.

About Intergalactic Gaming

As to the company, Intergalactic Gaming aims at tokenizing the e-sports industry. The official company description of the company on Intergalactic Gaming’s website states: “our web-based platform will utilize blockchain technology and smart contracts to change the way we interact with each other in the e-sports realm. IGG tokens (TRC-20) will play a pivotal role in our ecosystem. And they will have significant use cases for gamers, teams, brands and the wider public”.

Earlier Tron had given a huge push to game developers. The aim had been to invite them to come and work on Tron’s network. These recent efforts eventually helped them facilitate a record in terms of account creation and daily transaction volumes of TRX.  


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