5 Awesome Free Shopify Themes For Your Online Store


Themes are a great way of showcasing your products in your online store. They can contribute towards business growth, attract the right customer base, and can help you scale your business. Shopify offers a great choice of free themes to make sure the focus is always on your products.

Amazing Free Themes To Enhance Your Online Store

Themes can help you build the right look and style for your brand and go a long way in enhancing your online store. All the themes on Shopify include features like content customization on the home page, drop-down navigation support, search engine optimization, free updates for themes, designs that are mobile-friendly, social media icon integration, a variety of styles and color palettes, and a collection of free stock images. Check out these five amazing themes from Shopify that will be a perfect fit for your store. The best part: They are absolutely free!

  1. Simple

Simple and clean design to display your  product collection


Simple, clutter-free design and clean lines is what defines this theme. Available in two styles of light and beauty, this theme is perfect to ensure that your products are front and center in your store and is great for businesses dealing with apparel, bags, and home decor. Officially supported by Shopify, some of the best features of this theme include a sidebar menu to easily display your products, image zooming of products to give customers a closer and clearer look, display of related products to help customers continue their shopping experience and product animation onto the page for a cool transition effect.

  1. Minimal

Lovely neutral hues and clutter-free design to make your products shine


With pastel shades and neutral hues and a design that is clean and fuss-free, this theme includes three styles to cater to a variety of businesses. You can choose from fashion, modern, or vintage style to perfect the look of your store.  This theme is perfect for businesses which focus on handmade products, stationery, and home decor. It’s also a great theme for stores with smaller inventories. Two of its best features are the sidebar menu to easily display and access products and image animations of the products on the page.


  1. Venture

Perfect for all the businesses selling gear for outdoor enthusiasts


If your online store is all about adventure and the outdoors, this theme is created especially for you. With features such as a large catalog, multi-column menu, slideshow capabilities, promotional banner, and more, this is a great theme for stores with large inventories. Even with the space, the focus always remains on your products with features such as product filtering and featured product that can enhance customer experience. It also works well on mobile devices. This is a perfect theme for businesses focusing on travel and outdoor sports accessories and extreme sports gear. The styles available are outdoors, snowboards, and boxing to give you some great options of styling and design.


  1. Jumpstart

Share your story with the world and crowdfund your business with ease


Looking to enhance your business with a crowdfunding drive? This theme is the perfect place to start. With features such as a tool to track crowdfunding goals and video integration on the home page, you can tell your story to the world right from the comfort of your online store. It also has great social media integration, slideshow capability, and custom modules to share your blog posts and other information on your home page. It’s great for businesses with small inventories or businesses which are just starting out. You can also easily promote any social media or news coverage your business has received with a ‘As seen on’ section in the theme.

  1. Debut

Beautifully crafted to give a luxurious feel to your store


When it comes to style and look, beautiful, crisp and clear imagery and easy viewing of content are aspects that define this theme. Available in two styles of default and light, it’s perfect for stores that are focused on selling customized and luxury furniture, artisan foods, handmade products and jewelry and accessories. The main features of this theme include slideshow capabilities with video integration, promotion of a single, best selling product on the home page, product filtering for customer convenience and sharing of customer testimonials, comments, and quotes.

Shopify has several other free themes as well as paid ones created by third-party designers and developers to simplify and enhance your experience of creating a web store. Browse through the Shopify themes today and find the perfect match for your store!


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