3 Key Developments by Tron: 2 New Listings and Major Achievement for TRONbet

Recent couple of days were full of important developments for Tron. The company has been announcing new promising partnerships and listings which are full of opportunities for the company. One of the recent announcements confirmed that TRX will be soon officially listed by fiat-to-crypto exchange platform Coinsuper.

With the short statement of “Tron is coming”, Coinsuper announced the new listing. In answer to this, the founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun also tweeted about the new development providing further details on the upcoming listing. The original message stated: “Tron will be listed on Coinsuper OFCL, a Hong Kong-based “FIAT-to-Crypto” Exchange founded in 2017. TRONICS can deposit and withdraw TRX on November 1, 14:00 pm (SGT). TRX/ BTC, TRX/ ETH will be available on November 2, 14:00 pm (SGT)”.

Later on, another announcement also stated that users has won more than 1 Billion TRX on TRONbet. Justin Sun was the first to announce the new achievement in his brief tweet. The game has reportedly taken a major part in providing daily transactions on Tron network. The number went beyond 90,000 and further surpassed Ethereum’s daily transactions, as reported recently.  

Finally a recent message by the company also informed that Tron has officially partnered with world’s first hybrid decentralized exchange platform, JOYSO. Here again Sun took Tweeter to share the good news and provide further details on the objective of the new cooperation. His message stated: “Tron partners with JOYSO, building a sustainable decentralized blockchain environment”.

JOYSO, as expected, also released an official statement on the new cooperation adding further details. “This new exchange will become an infrastructure for all Decentralized Applications (DApps) on Tron’s network in return improving the sustainability of Tron’s blockchain”.

JOYSO Exchanger 

Tom Soong founded JOYSO exchange platform back in May 2018. The platform offers off-chain matching and on-chain settlement of real time orders. The users are able to trade any supported token directly via their digital wallets.

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