Tron Foundation Announces Demo Release of TronWatch Market Exchange Platform

Tron Foundation recently announced that the Demo of TronWatch Market exchange platform has been released. The company passed the information on their official Twitter page while the official message included all details and links to the new platform. The announcement confirmed that TronWatchMarket token sale ends today, on October 29.

The announcement went on stating that the idea of developing the exchange was born this past summer. The team of 5 developers worked hard on the DEX and 3 weeks ago they hit their Softcap goal. Further on the company shared the link to the demo version stating that they are very excited to share it giving users “a taste of what our exchange will be like; simple, secure and decentralized”.

The official message went on explaining that “the demo is running on Testnet and our smart contract execute all trades. This means that although it’s not real currency yet, what you see will function on Mainnet in the same way. We have a few bots actively trading on TronWatch Market, so sit back and watch the charts, order book, and recent trades for a minute…”

Opportunities for Users

The message also confirmed that the users are able to enter orders as limit orders for even easier trading. “When you submit an order, TronLink, the browser extension for TRON, will prompt you for confirmation”, explains the announcement. The platform also stores the market offers off-chain which are immediately available immediately. At the same time the offers by market takers are submitted directly to Tron network for processing.

“We’re looking to build one of Tron’s first fully-featured decentralized exchanges. It will allow you to easily and securely trade between Tron, TRX10, and TRX20 tokens. You can get the details about our token sale and read the whitepaper at”, concluded the announcement.

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