Sixth Episode of The Ripple Drop Gets Deep into Ripple Tech this Month

Ripple recently released the 6th episode of their monthly The Ripple Drop series. As always, the company also provided a brief overview on the recent episode which covers recent updates of the company.

As usual the episode consists of three main parts where representatives of the company talk about specific aspects of interest. In the recent episode the first part is dedicated to the key three products of Ripple. SVP of Product Asheesh Birla is the first speaker of the 6th part of the show who talks about how these products work together. “Birla breaks down the specifics of how payment flows would work from US to Mexico using XRP”, explained the message.

In the next part the Director of Product Craig DeWitt discusses the multi-hop feature of RippleNet. The message went on explaining: “we recently announced that Siam Commercial Bank would be the first financial institution pioneering multi-hop, and DeWitt explains why this feature is important and will benefit the entire network”.

Chief Market Strategist, Cory Johnson takes the final part of the episode. He talks about the Q3 XRP Markets Report sharing own professional opinions. “Johnson gives his take on the key trends over the past three months in XRP ecosystem. Moreover, the opinions include digital asset trading in Malta and hint at broad digital asset adoption on Wall Street. And also far less volatility in the markets than earlier this year”, stated the message.

In addition, the announcement also confirmed that the company will be sharing extended cuts of each of these described segments soon. For now, the company shared the link to the full episode in the official announcement. 

About The Ripple Drop

Ripple creates and releases their The Ripple Drop every month. The Show covers the latest news about Ripple customers, technology, products and culture. The previous five episodes of The Ripple Drop series are available here.

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