Tron to Host First Ever “niTRon” Blockchain Summit in 2019

Tron Foundation recently started the promotion of their first ever blockchain summit “niTRon”. The Founder and CEO of the company Justin Sun made the first announcement about the Summit. He tweeted about the event on his official page confirming that the company will hosting the conference in January, 2019.

In addition, the CEO also released a teaser on the guest list mentioning that there will be a “secret guest” present at the event. Sun’s original message reads: “mark your calendar! Tron will host its first 2-day summit on January 17-18, 2019 in San Francisco. Join if you want to learn about Blockchain, get insights from the best, and meet our secret guest…” 

As reported, the major event dedicated to the new technology of blockchain will focus on telling the audience and community more about Tron’s ecosystem. The event will include list of talks and speeches by the company professionals and field experts. There will reportedly also be panel discussions from “industry experts in the domain of cryptocurrency tokens and the blockchain technology”. In addition, appropriate workshops and networking events are also promised to be available at the Summit.    

What to Expect from the Event?

Considering the wide range of partnerships of Tron and Justin Sun’s impressive connections with the field’s leading players, we can expect a major event that may have productive results. Meanwhile the field enthusiast will be looking forward to learning more details on the promising event and having the list of the speakers and participants.    

niTRon will be the first such major event that Tron Foundation is going to host. Experts believe that it will become a good platform for the field experts and all the Tron fans. The participant will have a chance to meet and learn more about Tron ecosystem. “niTRon” may even become an annual event. This will have a positive influence on the company name and the value.  

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