Tron Celebrates TronWallet Reach for 20k Users on Platform

Tron Foundation recently shared the good news by TronWallet of reaching 20k users on the platform. The Tron-powered electronic wallet took Twitter to share the good news, yesterday, on October 23.

The original message by the platform stated: “let’s celebrate 20k users! Send, receive, pay, request payments, participate in token sales. TronWallet – Secure p2p crypto wallet and exchange for Tron”.

As reported recently, TronWallet’s website was officially updated. The users are now able to learn all about TRX directly on the website. And of course they can buy the tokens on the updated version as well. In addition, earlier announced iOS release reportedly also makes the platform more attractive and convenient for the users.

The official message on the platform website states: “the TronWallet Team created the TWX token. It will be used inside the TronWallet Autonomous Exchange. TWX will enable token holders to swap tokens and run Dapps on top of TronWallet and its sdk’s. It will enables users to connect into a hub and execute instant purchases of tokens directly through smart contracts… An unstoppable autonomous exchange and liquidity network”.

The recent update of the app made the platform even easier to use. In addition, the team also provided detailed guidelines to effectively use the app.

Successful Platform

TronWallet is a very important digital platform for Tron and the recent achievement came to show how successful it has become. Company also reportedly invests measurable efforts and resources in constantly improving the platform and hence making it more convenient and attractive for users.  

Moreover, TronWallet is also a TR candidate. The official message on the important mission hence states: “becoming a TRON Super Representative will be a step forward for TronWallet global adoption. To create a healthy ecosystem for our users and the TRON Network, the TronWallet Team will invest to build cutting-edge products to extract the full potential of TRON blockchain technology. We will vote and propose solutions for a better decentralized economy”.

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