Tron-Powered Payment Card Enters Beta Version; What to Expect from New Project

Tron Foundation recently announced that their network-powered payment card named TronCard officially entered beta testing phase. The announcement also shared further details on the upcoming important project.

The announcement by Tron started by stating that “Sesameseed proudly presents the TronCard Beta program; now available to SEEDGerminator contributors”. It also went on stating that all the addresses on SEEDGerminator that contribute to the Poppy project “will receive 5 Poppy tokens per SEED, and 1 Poppy token per TRX contributed” The program will automatically enroll the addresses receiving 10,000 Poppy tokens or more upon reaching HardCap in TronCard Beta.

The official message also confirmed that the first community to receive the final and fully functional TronCard version will be the members of TronCard Beta. “These members will be able to utilize TronCard at available Poppy retailers and across any number of integrated Tron wallets. They will be invited to engage with Poppy and TronCard teams. The aim is to ensure a rigorously tested Beta program” continued the announcement.

What to Expect?

While providing further details on the new project, the official message by the company specifically highlighted that here “anonymity is the key”. It went on explaining that “TronCard is a fully-featured Tron wallet hosting a number of security features to prevent tampering, including NFC and QR options to transfer TRX”.  It will hence interface with Poppy and other popular Tron wallets. At the same time it will be including the mentioned powerful features. As a result TronCard will become “a truly versatile TRX payment method”.

The message also stated that with the beta version the community members will take part in the process of testing and development of the project. As a result, the company will create a secure and smoothly functioning payment system.  

“We strive to maintain the security and anonymity of TronCard members. So addresses that receive 10,000 or more Poppy tokens will also be given further instructions. Those will detail how to procure the individual card through a 3rd party distributor”, concluded the announcement.

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