Ripple Leadership Team to Speak at this Year’s Money20/20

Ripple recently announced that the leadership board of the company will be participating in Money20/20 major conference of this year. The official announcement was posted on the company website. According to the message, executives will talk about “improving global payments with blockchain and digital assets”. In addition, they will discuss “how these technologies can bring new value to businesses and consumers around the world”.

The named executives who will participate in the event are: Executive Chairman and Co-founder Chris Larsen, Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz, SVP of Business and Corporate Development Kahina Van Dyke and SVP of Product Asheesh Birla.

The message went on stating that the event will bring more than 11,000 attendees together including C-suite executives, business leaders and media from different countries.


Further on the announcement specified the actual dates when each executive will make his appearance at the event. The mentioned dates include:

  • First on Monday October 22nd. David Schwartz and Kahina Van Dyke. “Schwartz will argue blockchain’s merits as the best solution to fix today’s broken international payments system, leaning on his deep knowledge of the space and his experience building Ripple’s products and technology… Kahina Van Dyke will share key insights on stage about negotiation fundamentals and how it applies to leadership in all aspects of life”.
  • Then on Tuesday October 23rd. Asheesh Birla who “will leverage his experience bringing Ripple’s products to market over the past five years. He will discuss the products that have made cross-border payments faster, cheaper and more transparent than ever before”.
  • Finally on Wednesday October 24th. Chris Larsen who will share what he has learned over the years as both an entrepreneur and a business leader.

Money20/20 is a major FinTech event which will take place in Las Vegas, US. Full information about the sessions can be found here.

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