Alphachat Integrated XRP Real-Time Forecasting Application: Ripple Goes Live on ACAT Store

Alphachat recently announced that Ripple (XRP) real-time forecasting application officially went live in ACAT Store yesterday, on October 15. The listing will bring XRP to the other digital coins which are currently already supported by the platform. These coins reportedly are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS, NEO and Cardano (ADA).

Earlier the company announced the official results of Next Token Forecasting Application (V2) voting. Within the framework of the V2, the platform invited the community and users to vote for the next digital token. Alphachat would eventually support this token. According to the results of the voting, the community elected XRP to be the next official listing on the platform.    

Alphacat is a robot-advisor marketplace for traders, which allows users to decide when to buy and sell, as well as analyse the risk factors of different digital currencies.

About Alphachat

In the official message, the company also provided brief overview of their solution. The information reads: “the application is based on the prediction algorithm built by using the TensorFlow artificial intelligence framework and the PRNN-LSTM algorithm to predict the future trends of a digital currency in timeframes of 15, 30, and 45 minutes”.

The announcement also stated that the platform also gives an incentive for registering on the platform by an email address. After the registration, users can access up to three predictions per day once the system confirms their email address. After the users consume all the three provided predictions they can purchase more. The users are welcome to pay in ACAT tokens in order to access the forecasting service.

In addition, the announcement also included a link where the users may be able to register their email addresses and claim more service from the company. The users will also be able to learn more details and instructions on using the platform on the provided link.


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