Tron to Partner with Multi Billion Worth Industry Giant

The co-founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun recently made another announcement about an important partnership. This time, the CEO made an official Tweet announcing that a new partnership with an industry giant valued at tens of billions of US Dollars will be coming very soon.

What is special about this announcement is that Sun has not yet stated the actual name of the future important partner. The original Tweet stated: “finally, first time to partner with tens of billions USD valuation industry giant. Guess the name”.

Since Sun made the announcement list of followers started active discussions. There were many potential partner companies that the community members named as a result. One of the most common options was Alibaba. However, as analysed later, this giant is worth much more than what Sun mentioned in his post.

Further on, the discussions went on analyzing current situation of the cryptocurrency. Some field experts went on stating different opinions. In case such announcements make a big noise they do face the threat of actually having less influence than expected. At the same time market gains after the official launch of Tron Virtual Machine can state different opinion about the company.

Some still believe that the recent gains were majorly influenced by the recent important developments for the company. At the same time a lot depends on the future performance of TRX in the market in a longer period of time.  

Significance for Tron

As Tron network keeps growing and more and more users start using the cryptocurrency in different aspects of life and e-gaming, the more promising its value gets. The promised upcoming partnership with large companies will open new set of opportunities for Tron. It will give the great potential to involve even more holders and investors of the coin. For now the community is looking forward to new updates.

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