How MobileGO and Xsolla Are Going to Change the Gaming Industry?

MobileGO officially announced the partnership with the Xsolla team. Together they will integrate the MGO token to the large billing ecosystem owned by Xsolla.

What does this partnership mean to regular gamers?

MobileGO promotes its revolutionary online services that delivers esports excitement to all users from all over the world. Also, this ecosystem will offer the top games at the best prices. Another innovative solution offered by MobileGO is the ability for those gamers and developers who want to receive money for creating/playing games!

The MobileGOteam mentioned that these features and collaboration with Xsollawill help the project to build a better world for gamers and game publishers/developers.

Since 2005 the Xsolla team struggles to unite the gaming services with one sufficient billing system. The local firm outgrew its ambitions and managed to become one of the leading video game billing systems.

Right now Xsolla features over 700 payment systems. Including other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. MGO tokens will be listed on the international Xsolla platform along with the main cryptocurrencyBitcoin, and other conventional methods — like Visa or Mastercard.

This collaboration means a lot for the rising MobileGO project. MGO tokens could become the universal cryptocurrency for gamers who like such services as Valve and Twitch. MobileGO will integrate the awesome gaming services to the billing ecosystem of Xsolla available worldwide. The MGO tokens will grow in usage and mass adoption.

MobileGO and Xsolla have a lot in common. Both team are developing marketing strategies for increasing their communities and integrating cryptocurrency to the gaming billing industry. Both have the ecosystems with ambitious development plans.

MobileGO hosts the in-platform token MGO. It can be taken as an equivalent to Gold in Candy Crush or gems in Clash of Clans. You may also buy in-game currency and items with crypto. Xsolla will become the major payment provider for MobileGO’s project. The Xsolla integration will allow MGO tokens to be in the same listas Bitcoin.

In its turn, Xsolla features Game Store with a wide array of services and tools available to game developers. The Xsolla’s Game Store right now features selling of virtual currencies, recurring payments, items and in-game solutions.

MobileGOwill be featured in the same Xsolla’s list as other 1000 game publishers, services and developers.

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