World’s First Ever No-Fee Exchange Platform “StellarX” by Stellar Officially Goes Live

Stellar (XLM) recently confirmed that their new world’s first zero fee decentralized exchange platform called StellarX has officially gone live. The announcement also confirmed that the newly launched platform is based on Stellar blockchain and accepts deposits in fiat currencies.  

The recent update was also shared by the platform’s official Twitter page which post stated: “StellarX is launched–free trades, fiat onramp, all kinds of tokens! Still lots to do. But here’s a look at where we are and where we’re going”.

The announcement also included deeper insight into the platform’s functionality and the key features. It stated that StellarX is “the first full-featured trading app for Stellar’s universal marketplace”. The platform was reportedly created by a team with “deep user-friendly building experience and showcases a wide selection of assets: crypto, fiat tethers, commodities, bonds, and more”.

The passed official information also confirmed that Interstellar, which is formed by Chain and Lightyear, is the creator of StellarX product.   In addition, it stated that the newly released exchange platform “is completely transparent as everything meaningful that happens on StellarX is on-chain, and so the world can see it”.

While discussing the transparency parameters of the platform, the official message went on stating that “everything meaningful that happens on StellarX is on-chain, and so yeah the world can see it. But here we mean “transparent” in a larger sense, both for users and, crucially, for token issuers. Because both must be informed for a market to flourish”.

The Co-creator of StellarX, Christian R, also shared an official comment on the recent important launch stating: “Stellar’s universal marketplace is greenfield for experienced, adventurous traders – the order books are raw and underexplored. Since StellarX is the first complete client for Stellar, we support every last token issued to the network, all 2500+ of them, including dankness like eQuid (GBP tether or digital cephalopod, who can say?) and something calling itself “charnatoken”. Roughly 50 new tokens come online each week – crypto, commodities, fiat tethers, securities, and so on”.

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