Tron Founder Announces Word’s First Idle Blockchain E-game Based on Tron Network

Tron Co-founder and CEO, Justin Sun recently introduced the word’s first ever e-game which is based on blockchain and based on Tron Network. According to the official message posted by Sun in his Twitter page, the new came called BitGuildPLAT together with Magic Academy are “the world’s first idle blockchain game based on Tron network”.

The announcement, which was shared by Sun, also went on providing further information on BitGuild and main features of the new application. According to the message “BitGuild’s mission is to redefine the standard for how players interact with their games by facilitating true item ownership”. Users have the opportunity to buy, sell, or trade the game assets they wish. “The days of digital locks on your cards and swords are over!”, continued the statement.

As confirmed in the announcement, BitGuild aims at revolutionizing global gaming industry “by creating a platform for a brand new class of games that live on the blockchain. Blockchain games completely redefine the relationship between players and developers by facilitating full and true ownership of in-game assets, cheap & safe item trading, cross-game compatibility of items & currency, and more”.

The announcement went on stating: “Magic Academy also features very rare item prizes. They are unique because all of them are based on TRC721, and they will grant a huge increase in your production and battle power. They can be freely traded among the players and the prize will rise 25% each time”.

BitGuild’s team reportedly consists of Eastern and Western cryptocurrency and gaming experts and professionals. It was also informed that all the code, rules and numerical design of Magic Academy are written in the smart contract which makes it open, transparent and credible. Tron wallet can be used for all the transactions. The announcement also confirmed that as of now Magic Academy supports English and Chinese versions.

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