Circle Invest Adds 4 New Cryptocurrencies

The well-known online payment service, Circle Invest, is increasingly active in the crypto world.

After acquiring the exchange Poloniex, it is increasing the number of tradable tokens. In fact, it recently announced that it has added EOS, 0x, Stellar and Qtum.

Now Circle Invest includes 11 cryptocurrencies, which can be purchased individually or within the “Buy the Market” program that allows you to purchase a diversified portfolio with just one click.

The choice fell on these 4 new currencies based on their potential to provide solutions to enhance the infrastructure of the entire crypto ecosystem.

Obviously, within the Poloniex exchange the currencies available are many more, but while Circle Invest is dedicated to investors, Poloniex is more dedicated to traders.

Circle is still a platform for payments in fiat currencies to which they have added exchange and investment features in some cryptocurrencies.

The criteria used to select the currencies to be included in Circle Invest, in fact, are different than those used for Poloniex and are much more stringent.

In addition, the “explore” function has been added, allowing access to “contextual and relevant information on the various aspects of cryptography”.

The goal is to let even the most important aspects of these innovative technologies be discovered by non-professionals in order to attract new investors to this market.

This decision was taken in the light of the results of a survey that revealed that some categories of people are almost absent in this market.

For example, one of the least represented categories is that of female millennials, who claim to be interested in investing in crypto more than two times less than their male peers, although the millennial category generally claims to be interested in this market is 10 times more than the previous generation.

The goal of Circle is to allow everyone to access this market, regardless of age and gender. This is why they are committed to making investments simple and accessible thanks to a simplified user experience and informative contents.

And it is for these reasons that, according to some rumors, Circle would actually be proposing as a competitor of Coinbase.

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