TronWalletMe Announces to be Running for Tron Super Representative

Open source p2p wallet, TronWalletMe which is based on Tron network, recently announced that the company will be officially running for Tron’s Super Representative position. The information was shared by the company in a recent Twitter page on September 15.

The official message of the announcement stated: “we are proud to announce that TronWalletMew are now running for SR on the Tron Network. Let’s make it happen! Stay tuned for updates!”

The official description of the wallet available on company’s official website states that “TronWallet is an open source secure, beautiful, simple yet powerful p2p crypto wallet for Tron”. Users of the platform have the opportunity to send, receive and vote on the Tron network securely with TronWallet.

Earlier the promising e-wallet announced the official partnership with Intergalactic Gaming which is a gaming network based on Tron network. According to the earlier reported message by Tron, the recent partnership will have some important benefits for both sides which include verification of the IGG TRC-20 Token on the Wallet. This will provide the company a blue badge along with Tron (TRX) and TWX (TWM’s native token). The e-wallet in addition will be pushed to the top of the list within the ‘Participate’ Section of the App.

Later on Intergalactic Gaming shared official opinion regarding the new partnership stating: “we are extremely excited with this partnership. Using TWM’s existing infrastructure, it could make for an even exciting partnership as we integrate our partner fully within our ecosystem. We are excited to reveal our plans with our new partner over the coming weeks. Believe us, they have exciting plans and this partnership will push us closer to the promised land of adopting Esports onto the Tron protocol”.

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