Ripple Announces Release of Ripple-lib Version 1.0.0

Documentation Engineer at Ripple Labs, Rome Reginelli recently made an announcement on the company official developer blog page stating that Ripple’s Lib v 1.0.0 was finally released. This is reportedly a library in JavaScript which will act as XRP ledger’s interface.

The announcement featured a document which explains the newly released version’s advantages and the implemented improvements. According to the document, the new version insures a better and more flexible performance of the library which now has new methods to access to rippled (server software that powers XRP Ledger) APIs.

The published document describes several new methods which include:

  • Three new methods including: request(), hasNextPage() and requestNextPage(), have been added to access the rippled APIs.
  • A prepareTransaction() method has been added to prepare a raw txJSON element.
  • The new version will allow XRP amounts to be specified in drops. Two conversion methods including: xrpToDrops() and dropsToXrp() have been provided.
  • A new getTransaction() method has been added. This includes a property by name channelChanges which will provide details of a particular payment channel.

In addition, the published document also provided general details on the fixes the team made on the previous version. The announcement confirmed that the amounts in XRP and drops “have been checked for validity”. In addition, the team imposed a maximum fee limit, which “if exceeded will cause the library to throw a ValidationError”.

Lead of C++ development team at Ripple, Nick Bougalis commented on the updates stating: “the library has a configurable “maximum fee limit” to help prevent programmers from accidentally specifying too high a fee. By default, it’s set at 2 XRP, which is several orders of magnitude larger than the fee required to pay a transaction… if you really want to spend over 2 XRP in fees, you can simply override the limit in the RippleAPI constructor”.

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