Data443 Announces Officially Entering Ripple XRP Ledger Ecosystem Trusted Unique Node List

Data443TM Risk Mitigation Inc., which is leading data security and privacy company, yesterday, on September 6, announced that they have officially been added to the default recommended Ripple (XRP) Ledger ecosystem’s Unique Node List (UNL).   

UNL is list of 10 organizations which are given validating nodes for reliable information about transactions in the XRP Ledger. Ripple hence authenticates and considers all the nodes that are present on participants’ UNLs trustworthy. These nodes are also used to validate transactions.  

The move of entering the coverage for the XRP Ledger Unique Node List for Data443 is considered to be an important development in providing enterprise-ready data security solutions for the growing blockchain market.     

Jason Remillard, the CEO of LandStar, Inc., which is the parent company of Data443, stated: “Ripple continues to push for decentralization of the XRP Ledger to increase reliability and reduce the risk of a single-point failure. While some blockchain platforms choose validators based only on mining power, XRP Ledger validators are chosen based on performance, reliability, and security. We are proud to be among the industry leaders who are providing such capabilities. Recognition by Ripple as a trusted validator further substantiates our lead in the blockchain security services arena”.

In addition, the CEO moved on sharing positive and important forecast on the industry highlighting important initiatives the company will be taking in order to keep contributing in the development of the technology.

“The enterprise market is moving beyond cryptocurrencies with respect to blockchain and this trend will continue to expand over the next decade and beyond. Data443 has always taken a future-focused approach with regard to blockchain. We launched public and validated “Validator” services for the Ripple ecosystem back in February and augmented that with additional PII detection capabilities in April. As a XRP Ledger trusted validator, we not only strengthen and support the platform but also provide added-value to the enterprises that use it by enabling deeper functionality such as data classification, discovery, and compliance for blockchain”, concluded Remillard.

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