BestRate: Innovative Platform Offering Best Exchange Rates for Over 80 Cryptocurrencies

BestRate is an innovative platform which aggregates different cryptocurrency exchanges with the aim of offering the best exchange rates possible. The users of the platform have the chance to buy, sell, and exchange more than 80 different digital currencies including such big names as Bitcoin and Ethereum at the lowest market rate.

In exchange for minimal commission, users of the platform can use their fiat or digital assets to purchase cryptocurrencies supported by the platform. The entire process of all the transactions is made as secure and easy as possible.       

BestRate’s approach to offering good market rates to the users is based on active monitoring of leading exchanges and trading platforms. Hence the platform compares information from different exchangers and offers the best exchange rate while having no access to the funds of the users. The users are able to transfer money directly from the wallets to the platforms listed on the website via API. This means the users have no need to actually sign up on this platform or pass any verification to use the services of BestRate.   

As reported by the platform, each transaction on the platform requires from 5 to 20 minutes to be processed. The process of using the platform starts from choosing the digital currency and amount that is needed to be exchanged. Then the users are then offered to choose the service provider from the list of crypto exchanges which will be displayed for the chosen cryptocurrency. As the users choose the provider, the coins can be ready to be sent to the service provider using the convenient interface of the platform. After a successful transaction, the users will be ready to have the correct amount on their wallets. They also receive a notification via email confirming the completion of the transaction.  

In nowadays’ market full of the most different cryptocurrency exchangers offering different rates, BestRate can be a very useful platform and a convenient tool to  follow and make use of the best exchange rates possible.

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