Tron Successfully Launches Virtual Machine According to Schedule

The founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, Justin Sun recently announced that the company has successfully lunched Tron Virtual Machine on August 30 as planned according to the schedule. The original message by Sun stated: “we firmly believe that the Tron developments will bring a new phase to the industry. We also believe that we can complete the mission of Decentralizing the Internet”.

As known, the beta version of the Tron Virtual Machine was launched one month earlier, on July 30 and the final launch hence took place according to the initially planned schedule. Sun also commented that that the launch of the official version of TVM “signifies transcend of the Tron network from the basic infrastructure to a new stage of ecosystem expansion”.

As the beta version of the system was running, the users were provided by a sandbox which was designed in order to smoothly pass the Machine as well as detect any bugs in the new network. As a result, the foundation has made appropriate adjustments in the system, that were all based on the feedback from the community members.

In the official announcement of the launch of the system Justin Sun also spoke about the 4 key features of the Tron Virtual Machine. The announcement confirmed the features to be the followings:

  1. The Tron Virtual Machine is completely compatible with Ethereum
  2. The TVM will have a unique virtual memory
  3. There will be a distinctive resources manager
  4. User-friendly energy consumption model.

In addition, the official info confirmed that the release was followed by updates on Oddisey 3.0 which is planned to be implemented in three main accordingly following stages which will make the updates successful and smooth.

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