Tron Announces TronWallet Release in Apple Store

Tron Foundation recently announced that the promising TronWallet has been finally reviewed and approved by Apple’s App Store. This means that the users of devices powered by iOS can now download and use the electronic wallet by Tron.

The official announcement was made today, on August 29, which stated: “so here we are, hours away from another TronWallet release and the Slack channel of our team at Getty/IO bristles with messages of anticipation and excitement. What could propel a group of your usual hard-nosed, stoic, practical software engineers to such display of unrestrained emotion other than starry-eyed thoughts of George R. R. Martin finishing A Song of Ice and Fire?”

While getting approval for the App Store by Apple may be rather a usual development for an app, the recent development in fact has a very special significance for the company. As explained by the company, the team of developers started working on the process “with a strong drive to build and validate the app for both platforms (iOS and Android)”.

The message by the company went on explaining: “not long after, our hopes and dreams of a multi-platform simultaneous launch found its first bump in the road. One of the many dependencies we were using was causing conflicts with our native module used to create accounts and deal with the inner workings of the crypto world. It was at that moment that we realized that we had to make a compromise: either we go down the multi-platform road as we had planned or we abandon those early goals for the sake of a faster release. We chose the latter and continued with our application focused mostly on Android development while we fixed the iOS conflicts that were holding us back”.

The company also informed, that the team has been working hard on improving and testing new versions of the app, thriving to make it as effective and complete as possible.   

“This past month of development has been a nail-biter with the App Store issues and multiple bugs creeping up as part of normal development of a feature that almost entirely rewrites the foundations of the app but with the help of the always helpful strong Brazilian coffee and hard work we pulled through and are ready to complete our most ambitious release yet. For all our iOS users out there, your time has come”, concluded the announcement.

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