Stellar Lumens Officially Surpasses 1 Million Accounts

Stellar Expert, which is the main block explorer and analytics platform for the Stellar Network, recently informed that Stellar Lumens has officially surpassed 1,000,000 accounts milestone on its ledger.

The information was also shared by Stellar company on their official Twitter account which reads: “it is official. Stellar has achieved the 1 million active accounts milestone. EPIC mark for XLM: – 3,300 + Stellar assets, – 25 million payments, – 8 million trades. The world is ready for the fastest growing, humans-powered, usable blockchain today! Now is the time to use Stellar Lumens”.

The official information by the company hence confirmed that network had more that 160k accounts on its ledger at the beginning of this year, and since then it has added over 370k accounts which has marked till the end of August.

The information has been celebrated by the company as result of intensive work and list of important developments that have been announced over a few past months.

Stellar has been in the centre of attention among the field enthusiasts and the investors, as it has been making list of important announcements on new strategic and major partnerships. As reported earlier, the company made a very important partnership with TransferTo back in July, with the main objective of facilitating a more seamless and efficient settlement method between its network partners. Even earlier, KODAKOne had announced that they will be concentrating on developing their payment solution while using the Stellar platform.     

In addition, recently two major cryptocurrency exchange platforms including Huboi and Coinbase announced about partnering with Stellar. While Huboi has already announced official listing for Stellar Lumens (XLM), Coinbase had informed that it is only considering adding support for the cryptocurrency on its platform in the nearest future as well.  

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