Tron Announces New Listing: TRX to be Available on KuCoin

Founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, yesterday, on August 26, announced about a new major listing for TRX. According to the official message, TRX token will be soon listed on KuCoin worldwide cryptocurrency exchange platform, which is based in Singapore.   

The original message by Sun on his official Twitter page stated: “Tron will be listed on, TRX/ BTC and TRX/ETH will be available on August 28 (SGT)”.

According to the official information published by KuCoin, the major exchanger “aims to provide users with seamless digital asset transactions and exchange processes”. The users of the platform have the opportunity to make use of more than 350 trading pairs which are currently supported on KuCoin. The recent listing by the platform was earlier announced to be Merculet (MVP) which was possible to be traded in MVP/ BTC and MVP/ ETH pairs.  

It is notable that the users will be able to start trading the announced pairs from August 28 which is only two days before the launch of the Tron Virtual Machine. Even earlier the company announced that TRX was listed on another major exchange platform of CoinSwitch which promised to be opening new markets for the cryptocurrency. Justin Sun earlier stated that daily trading turnover on this exchanger has been reaching a total amount of $1 million during 2018.  

As of now list of new partnerships and updates are being announced by the company while measurable improvements in the value of the company is expected after the final launch of the TVM.

As promised by Justin Sun, the Tron Virtual Machine will be “compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This would enable the Ethereum Virtual Machine developers to go onboard with the Tron platform for ‘almost free’. Moreover, the virtual machine is going to provide the developers with a secure, efficient, stable, scalable, and convenient blockchain system”.

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