eToro Exchange Platform Announced Two New Trading Pairs for Ripple (XRP) with Fiat Currencies

eToro, which is currently one of the most promising cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world, introduced two new trading pairs with Ripple. The two new trading pairs with major fiat currencies include:  XRP/ JPY and XRP/ GBP.

eToro currently offers rather small list of cryptocurrencies on its platform including XRP which was listed during the last year. With the new trade pairs with Japanese and UK currencies there are many important advantages waiting for the traders and investors from the two countries.   

The recent development is believed to open XRP to other crypto-invested economies which will add to its adoption and its trading volume. As reported, the value of the currency has already been visibly increased as the new pairs, as well as some other relevant recent announcements have been made by the company.  

Earlier, XP Investimentos, which is an important partner of Ripple announced that it will be launching a new crypto exchange platform called XDEX in September of this year. The official announcement stated: “XP Investimentos in Brazil to launch crypto exchange in September: XDEX. 49.9% of XP is now owned by Itaú Unibanco, Ripple partner since February 2018”.

In addition, another strategic partner of Ripple, IFX Payments had announced about partnering up with LianLian Pay, which is currently the 4th largest payments company in China. The aim of the partnership has been announced to be supporting “the roll-out of LianLian’s Happy Transfer money remittance solution for overseas Chinese individuals wishing to send money home”.

These recent developments have been promising for the value of Ripple. According to the field experts, similar listings and especially opportunities for the users of major trading platforms to exchange the cryptocurrency with fiat currencies can bring larger opportunities for the currency while making the coin accessible to important markets for the company.

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